harassing prank callsAre you getting frequent late night prank calls or harassing telemarketing calls? Or you found a piece of paper with a phone number scribbled on it without any name and you can’t remember the owner of the phone number. Maybe, you found repeating calls to an unknown phone number on your spouse cell phone call log and you suspect that he/she is cheating you. Then, a reverse phone lookup service is all you need to get answer to all the above queries.

What Is Reverse Phone Lookup and How Does It Work?

A reverse phone lookup is a service that will allow you to look up any number that calls you and find out who it really is. Of course there have been reverse phone directories for quite some time, but the real changes have come along because of cell phones. People are able to transport their cell phones to other parts of the country and still keep the same phone number, and they are not usually listed in any type of published phone book.

The other change that has made reverse phone lookup services so popular is that there are now ways that you can hide what someone else’s caller ID says your name is. These are called “cloaking” techniques and are often used by companies who know that you don’t want to talk to them.

A reverse phone lookup service will allow you to really find out who is behind the number because it consists of many different phone directories that contain not only land lines, but also cell phone numbers, which you simply can’t find anywhere else.

What Information can I get?

Every reverse phone lookup results include basic information such as the full name of the owner, age, address, associates and location on map. Advanced report also includes previous address, relatives, alternate phone numbers and background history.reverse phone lookup report

Do Free Reverse Phone Lookup Exist?

Yes, you can get a reverse phone lookup service by scouring the web, but in many cases, the information you get will either be outdated or simply incorrect. The other thing to keep in mind is that public databases (i.e. those that are free) only include land lines. They do not include the more than 100 million cell phone numbers that now exist in this country, nor do they contain any of the numbers of individuals or companies that are using VOIP networks.

It is always a good idea to try a free service first if you are just looking for one number, but if you don’t come up with anything, then you will need to use a paid service. In general though, the paid services have much more accurate information and they usually offer you a refund if the information they do provide you with doesn’t meet your needs.

Is There Any Free Reverse Cell Phone Lookup?no free reverse cell phone lookup

At this time, there is no reverse phone lookup service for cell phones that is free. This is because the cell phones companies are selling the numbers to marketers, and that means that the numbers have a great deal of value to them. The other reason why finding reverse cell phone directories is so difficult is because these numbers change much quicker than traditional land lines do. When you think about it – you may have had only one land line during your entire childhood, but during your adult years, you may have had numerous cell phone numbers, as you changed carriers or moved to a different area code. The good news is that most paid reverse phone lookup services will keep up with these changes fairly quickly so the information you get from them will be accurate.

Paid Reverse Phone Lookup – The Best Way to Reverse Lookup Any Phone Number

It goes without saying that there are many reasons why people need to use a reverse phone lookup service, including some of the following:

  • Blocked or “private number” calls to your land line
  • Unknown toll free calls to your land line
  • All unwanted calls to your cell phone

But, there are a few other reasons to and those have to do with the other people in your life. If you have children, and they own phones, then you will want to keep track of the phone numbers that they are dialing as well as the people who are calling them. This is absolutely essential in today’s world.

Also, if you have reason to be suspicious, or you notice that your spouse or other loved one is making or receiving a lot of phone calls from an unknown number, then a reverse phone lookup can immediately put your mind at ease (or confirm your suspicions!). Simply by looking up the number that is on their phone, you will know who they are keeping in contact with and whether that is something they should be doing or you should know about.

The primary reason why a paid reverse phone lookup service is better than a free one is because the information is much more accurate. These companies include the many databases of cell phone numbers, VOIP numbers, toll free numbers, and business and personal land lines, so there should be few phone numbers that you can’t track down.

What is also unique about this kind of service is that they often offer two different ways of signing up – you can either pay to get information on just one number, of you can subscribe to their service and get unlimited searches over a period of time. If you have had financial problems in the past and are still getting calls from collectors, then this kind of service can be amazingly handy. It is also very beneficial if you have children and want to make sure that they are only in contact with people that they should be.

For the small amount of money that it costs, the benefits of a high quality paid reverse phone lookup company will pay for itself many times over, and will enable you to answer your phone with confidence, always knowing who you are about to talk to.